The Original Recipe™
Never Settle for Less.
San White created The 'Original Recipe™' Smoked Tuna Dip over 50 years ago. He loved creating dishes you couldn't stop eating. He took his smoked tuna dip to parties and started receiving calls from people who tasted it, saying they couldn't live without it. Today, San's daughter and grandson, Shawna & Andrew still own and operate Gulf Smoked Seafood in Pensacola, Florida...
  • Gulf Smoked Seafood and Skinny Dip smoked Tuna Dip
  • Smoked Tuna Dip Stuffed tomato
  • Great Sandwich with Smoked Tuna Dip
  • The Original recipe
  • San White - the founder and the inventor of the Original Smoked Tuna Dip
  • the Skinny Dip trademarked low calorie smoked tuna dip
  • on whole wheat - makes your mouth water
Calypso Sauce is here! Call for Details
Calypso Sauce compliments almost everything!
Try it with: Glazed on fish, As a shrimp dip, As a veggie dip - either straight or mixed with cream cheese, sour cream, or yogurt, As a salad dressing, In sugar cookies, Drizzle on top or as dip for fruit, Glazed on chicken or pork/ham, As a dip for cheese, Great on chicken & chicken nuggets, As a salsa with eggs, It's Awesome With Oriental foods...

Gluten Free, No MSG
. When we took it to the Market Basket in Mobile everyone who tasted it bought it!!!
Our Products.  Our Story. Our Quest.
Made with yellowfin tuna, really smoked in big smokers & blended with a tangy, yummy sauce into a ready to eat salad/dip. There's nothing like The Original Recipe™! The recipes for our the dips are proprietary and are delicious. Our customers consistently tell us they can really taste the quality. Sanford White had an entrepreneurial instinct from early childhood, starting his first business at age 7. He found his greatest sucess when he later turned to cooking, his homemade smoked tuna dip recipe blossomed into a business after it developed a reputation along the Florida panhandle in the early 1970s. We continue to pursue new distribution opportunities as well as developing new products. As it says on our label, our dip is `Too Good Not to Try' so we would like to have more people try it.

We are on a quest to find new distributors all over the United States.
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