San’s Story

San White created The “Original Recipe”™ Smoked Tuna Dip over 50 years ago. Sanford White had an entrepreneurial instinct from early childhood, starting his first business at age 7. He was one of those ‘larger-than-life characters.’

The police put him out of business the first time because he was making slingshots for the entire neighborhood.

A later venture capitalizing on White’s interest in cooking and fishing proved successful and long lasting. His homemade smoked tuna dip recipe blossomed into a business after it developed a reputation along the Florida panhandle in the early 1970s. He would take the dip into parties, and soon was getting calls from people 100 miles away asking, Where can I get this stuff? Today his daughter, Shawna McAusland is the president of Gulf Smoked Seafood Inc., the company her father founded in the early 1970s and carrying on his legacy.

The dip, marketed with the company’s trademark as The “Original Recipe”™ Smoked Tuna Dip, remains Gulf’s primary business. “It’s a magical combination of flavors, and people love it,” she says. One of the dip’s strongest qualities is its versatility – it can be eaten as a salad or used to stuff tomatoes, pasta, chicken, wraps and puff pastry, among other uses.

San White’s “Original Recipe”™ Gourmet Smoked Tuna Dip is quality you can taste. One of my Dad’s greatest joys was to create something people truly loved and watch them enjoy it. How better to honor his memory and carry on his legacy with Gulf Smoked Seafood than by serving his “Original Recipe”. ™

Shawna McAusland

San’s Daughter / Owner Gulf Smoked Seafood

Overcoming The Odds.

Shawna McAusland

Shawna overcame a number of personal challenges when she took over full-time management of Gulf Smoked Seafood over 20 years ago, as she and her son fled a life-threatening abusive domestic situation at the time.

Then, after two hurricanes destroyed many of her customers’ businesses, McAusland says she mowed lawns to make ends meet. In addition to running the company, she “took care of aging parents, ran our business, and raised my son,” she says. Today, both McAuslands support abuse-related causes “because we knew them first hand.”

Andrew McAusland

is now the company’s vice president and the third generation of Gulf Smoked Seafood. In addition to helping run the company, he is also a youth minister.

“He is a fine young man with integrity and great new ideas,” Shawna adds. “Against all odds, by the grace of God, we have a wonderful company, continuing my Dad’s legacy of awesome gourmet products. Look for the new products on our website in the near future.”