Our Dip/Salad products have an incredibly long shelf life without relying on lots of preservatives and NO artificial flavors. We produce gourmet products using the highest-quality ingredients, packed with very high protein. Want to count calories? Our Skinny Dip™ cuts the calories by 70% and the calories from fat by 97%… “Skinny Dip”™ Low-fat Smoked Tuna Dip is even a featured item in several hospital diet programs. Our Calypso Sauce is also Gluten Free, and No MSG.

No matter what your goals, we have an option for you…

Kato, Paleo, High-Protein, Low Carb, Gluten-Free, Healthy, and Delicious, options for just about anybody.

How to Get in Touch With Us.

We sell our products to distributors, who place it in restaurants & retail outlets in the Southeast, and select markets across the US. We even have fans who pay to overnight it to Europe. Distributors and retailers are an important part of our success.


Looking for our product?  We will have a product locator coming soon.  For now, we just need a little info to find our products near you.  We also provide some of our popular locations on this page, thanks for your interest. 

Store, Shop or Restaurant

Want Gulf Smoked Products on your shelves or on your menu?  Provide us with some  information and we’ll get it done.

Distributors, Join the Team.

We continue to pursue new distribution opportunities as well as developing new products.  As it says on our label, our dip is `Too Good Not to Try’ so we want more people to try it.  We are on a quest to find new distributors all over the United States.

Our Story

San (that is not a misspelling) White created The “Original Recipe”™ Smoked Tuna Dip over 50 years ago. Sanford White had an entrepreneurial instinct from early childhood, starting his first business at age 7. He was one of those ‘larger-than-life characters.’ The police put him out of business the first time because he was making slingshots for the entire neighborhood…